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            Mixers are widely used in the chemical industry, and many chemical production uses mixing operations more or less. Today, let's simply look at how automatic mixers perform air flow mixing? Let's briefly talk about the relevant content of the problem.
            Air flow stirring is to use the gas bubble to pass through the liquid layer and stir the liquid, or make the bubble group rise in a dense state to promote the convection circulation of the liquid by the so-called rising effect. Compared with mechanical agitation, the effect of bubbles on liquid agitation is relatively weak, and it is difficult to use high viscosity liquid above several thousand millipascals.
            However, the air flow stirring has no moving parts, so it is convenient to handle corrosive liquids and the stirring of reaction liquids under high temperature and high pressure. In industrial production, the mixing operation starts from the chemical industry, and is widely used as a part of the technological process around food, fiber, paper making, oil, water treatment, etc. The mixing operation is divided into mechanical mixing and air flow mixing.
            In addition, as a special truck for transporting concrete, the daily maintenance of the mixer is very important, so the maintenance work must be done well to ensure the service life of the mixer. If the maintenance of the mixer truck is not in place, the service performance and life of the mixer truck will be affected, such as:
            Before driving every day, check whether the lubricating oil on the joint surface between the supporting wheel and the raceway is dry, and replenish it in time to maintain a good lubrication effect. Before starting the vehicle each time, check the oil level of the cooler and reducer to ensure that the oil level indication is within the visual range; Check the sealing condition of the hydraulic oil circuit, keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as to avoid contamination of the hydraulic oil of the system by dust particles and moisture, which may cause the system to fail to work normally or be damaged.
            Clean the dirt on the supporting wheel and raceway at least once a month; Inject lubricating grease into the supporting wheel through the oil nozzle on the supporting wheel to ensure that the transmission shaft is lubricated at least once a month. The accuracy of the hydraulic system components is high, especially the hydraulic pump of the mixer truck. The maintenance is simple, but the requirements are high. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly, 500 hours after the initial operation, 2000 hours or at least once a year. The filter element should be replaced at the same time. The engine must be stopped when refueling or changing oil, Otherwise, the hydraulic system will be damaged.
            This is the end of the description of the process of air flow mixing with the automatic mixer. In addition, we remind you that in order to reduce the number of problems and improve the efficiency of your mixer during use, you need to check and maintain more regularly. Follow our website for more information http://www.zdentalcare.com Come on!



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